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Cost Per KM With Electric Two Wheelers – Zypp Electric

The electric mobility revolution has next big thing, it was grown big in Indian markets in the last couple of years, especially in the two-wheeler segment. In this scenario consumers mostly opt for rental electric vehicle, renting electric vehicle is more efficient than owning because the overall cost of EV is much higher and leasing is efficient for consumer. One major player in this segment that has been able to set a mark on Indian consumers in recent times is Zypp Electric.

Electric bikes may look a bit expensive but if we talk about the cost of running electric bikes and the running cost of petrol bikes in India, then these electric bikes are much cheaper than petrol bikes. The cost of electric bike is less than 1 rupee for per kilometer. It’s really helpful for consumer budget as well as it’s helpful for reducing the environmental pollution.

Let’s take an example: 

Now, once you charged your electric bike from 0 to 100% then it will travel a maximum distance of 100-120 kilometers, the cost of electricity per unit will range from 4rs to 8rs, depending on which area you live in. An electric bike requires 2-5 units to be fully charged, so your total running cost will range from 15rs to 40rs. 1 km will cost 10 to 15 paisa.

Zypp Electric Team
Zypp Electric Team

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