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Is India Ready for Adopting Electric Scooters for Delivery?

India is one of the world’s largest two-wheeler markets with sales of more than 13.5  million scooters and motorbikes in 2021, most of which are combustion wheelers. A big number of bikes are used for delivery purposes, being combustion vehicles these bikes cause harm to the environment, and petrol and maintenance puts a heavy burden on blue-collar workers’ pockets.

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What are E-scooters?

E-scooters are plug-in electric vehicles with two wheels. The electricity in this scooter is stored in a rechargeable battery, which drives one or more electric motors.

What is the financial benefit of E-scooters?

Combustion vehicles need petrol and regular maintenance to run, which requires lots of money and a big range of people especially blue-collar workers cannot afford it, or they have to compromise with other needs to spend on combustion vehicles. 

A substitute for that can be E-scooters which are less expensive, do not need petrol and do not need regular maintenance. Their batteries are replaced after a few years and too at a lower range than refilling petrol regularly. 

Additionally, if you get e-scooters for rent they will cost much less than that, you don’t have to worry about battery or maintenance and only have to charge the scooter regularly which does not require a big amount of money, when compared to owning your own vehicle, maintaining it and dealing with the regular increase in fuel prices.

What is the environmental benefit of E-scooters?

We have already discussed the financial benefits of e-scooter, and now it’s time to discuss all the environmental benefits. 

These scooters do not require petrol or any other combustion fuel, which leads to 0 smoke emissions and a less polluted environment. Harmful gases like carbon monoxide (CO), particulate matter, nitrogen oxides, and unburned hydrocarbons pollute the environment and cause harm to the human body by attacking the respiratory system, which leads to various life-threatening diseases. 

Imagine how much harm it can cause to the person driving it, especially people who drive regularly like blue-collar workers. If we switch to e-scooters it can save people’s lives and make it easier.

Few other environmental benefits of e-scooters include:

They offer zero emissions

They do not contribute to environmental pollution

Saving the roads

Using sustainable energy

Reduction in personal carbon footprint

E-scooters are comparatively lightweight.

E-scooters are constructed in a way that they are lightweight and have bigger storage space. That storage space can be used for storing the goods and because of being lightweight these scooters can be handled easily, which means if you ride these even for a long time you will not be exhausted research says people who ride electrical vehicles get less exhausted than the people riding combustion vehicles and face, less joint pain and different disease caused by driving combustion vehicle. 

Can an E-scooter be used for delivery purposes?

We have already discussed the three most important benefits of E-scooters. We can conclude that India can adopt E-scooters for delivery but there is one more very important reason which proves this statement right. 

But there are many other advantages of e-scooters which prove this statement right, are these advantages are mentioned below:

  1. Economical alternative to petrol

As electrical vehicles are not dependent on petrol, e-scooters are the best alternative to petrol. This can help you save lots of money.

  1. Pollution free

Electric scooters do not release any harmful gas hence they are pollution free. This means that you can travel freely without worrying about harming the environment.

  1. Perfect for short journeys

Electric scooters are perfect for short journeys, as they are lightweight and easy to handle. This could be within your town or city.

  1. Affordable cost of maintenance

As compared to normal vehicles, electric scooters require very low maintenance.

  1. Less noise pollution

Electric vehicles produce less noise than other vehicles and cause less noise pollution.

  1. Storage Space

Electric scooters can be one of the best vehicles used for delivery as they do not contain as many mechanical parts as regular scooters and bikes and thus they have a large storage space that might be used to transport a variety of objects. 

Is India ready to adopt electric scooters for delivery?

All the benefits mentioned below lead to only one conclusion which is we should opt for e-scooters, this will be beneficial for the environment as well as for the people driving the scooter, all you need is charging point availability, and a few minutes and you are good to go that will save you from harmful diseased and environment and will give a comparatively less hectic ride.


Like everything, e-scooters also have their pros and cons. If developed, these can be a great alternative to combustion vehicles, for most purposes, especially if used for delivery, these scooters will cause less pollution and be an affordable vehicle. 

Zypp aims to make travelling more affordable and environmentally friendly and aims to make electrical vehicles a regular way of transportation to save the environment and increase productivity.

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Team Zypp Electric
Team Zypp Electric

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