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The Ultimate Guide to Finding Part-Time Delivery Jobs

The Ultimate Guide to Finding Part-Time Delivery Jobs

More than 20 billion parcels were shipped nationwide in 2020, which could not have happened without the nation’s 1,300,000+ delivery drivers. They are one of the most important aspects of your delivery business, determining the success or failure of your delivery strategy. If you have a skilled and talented workforce, you can work as a third-party delivery service provider for a variety of businesses, assisting your delivery drivers in obtaining well-paying jobs. Because of the rising demand in the country’s various retail sectors, such as eCommerce, medical, food, and construction, many companies are looking to hire delivery workers.

Some of the 5 best paying delivery jobs are listed below for your guide, for part-time work, those are:-

  1. Postmates driver

It’s a robust on-demand app that can serve as a great platform for your delivery drivers to find food delivery jobs and other delivery services. The flexible delivery times allow drivers to work and deliver quality results. The platform provides numerous opportunities that set it apart from other food delivery apps. 

Postmates pays up to $25 per hour and has no restrictions on the number of hours a driver can work. You can connect a driver team to the platform to help you scale your delivery business and earn a high commission. The platform allows you to cash out your earnings daily, but the driver is paid weekly. It is the only delivery service that has abandoned the rating system.

  1. DoorDash driver

DoorDash is the best food delivery company with the best delivery driver jobs. The food delivery app has the largest industry customer share and a diverse customer base that enjoys ordering food from various restaurants and local food stores.

DoorDash drivers can earn high commissions by completing various food delivery driver jobs. The platform is available in cities across the United States, including Houston, Denver, Austin, and Boston. It’s a great way to earn commissions for your delivery business because the platform provides numerous opportunities.

  1. Uber Eats driver

Uber, a pioneer in the ridesharing space, also has a strong presence in the food delivery market through Uber Eats. It allows delivery drivers to register with the platform and select one of its food delivery services. You can use the platform to enrol your delivery drivers and earn good commissions. It operates in over 6,000 cities and 60 countries, making it easier to expand your delivery business. Depending on the delivery requirements and the distance travelled, the platform offers great payouts on every delivery. You can also get complete transparency with the tips, and if you have any questions, you can contact customer support.

  1. Instacart driver

It’s an extremely effective platform for grocery shopping and delivery. Instacart offers a fantastic opportunity for delivery drivers to become associated with the brand while handling grocery delivery jobs. The driver must quickly and efficiently collect local groceries and deliver them to the desired location. Instacart offers great earning potential for delivery drivers as well as flexibility, which allows drivers to adjust their work schedules to deliver groceries. They want their drivers to operate vehicles capable of lifting 40 pounds. They also conduct a background check to ensure that the brand is not associated with anyone with a shady past and that they work with the best talent to differentiate themselves from other delivery companies.

  1. GrubHub driver

It is a food delivery application that provides numerous food delivery service jobs across the country. To become a GrubHub courier partner and deliver food, the driver must have a licence or state identification. Once they begin delivery operations with the platform, the driver can earn up to $10-26 per hour. The minimum age to become a delivery associate is 19 years old; in some states, such as Chicago and Las Vegas, the minimum age is 21 years old. The team conducts a background check on the drivers and bases the contracts on the results. An Android or iPhone is required, as is insurance for the vehicle. 


There are numerous benefits to working as a delivery driver that you may not be aware of. If you’re still not convinced about applying for them, consider what a simple side job like this one can offer.

  • Additional Salary

Working in delivery as a side job as a student or graduate can be extremely beneficial. The more deliveries you make, the faster you will earn money. You can also earn extra money from customer tips. The average hourly wage in the Netherlands ranges from €6.80 to €10, depending on your age. In most cases, drivers receive 100% of their tips.  

  • Exercise

Certain delivery jobs allow you to combine work and exercise, saving you time. Bike driver deliverers go the extra mile by carrying out their delivery responsibilities while also doing some cardio. Outdoor exercise is also more motivating and mentally rewarding. Alternatively, if you are concerned about physical exhaustion, companies such as offer electric bikes for delivery with minimal physical effort.  

  • Experience

A new job brings with it new experiences. Delivery jobs are not any different. Many businesses rely on creating a positive work environment where teamwork and communication are essential. College Life asked Foodora food delivery riders why they would recommend working a delivery job in an interview. “You meet a lot of students as your colleagues, which will allow for new friendships to be formed!” said Jaroslaw, one of the riders.

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