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Zypp Electric and Gogoro Partnered to Transform Last-Mile Fleet for India

Gogoro Inc. is a Taiwan-based battery swapping fueling platform provider it announced on Thursday a new strategic business-to-business (B2B) project and collaboration in partnership with Zypp Electric, an Indian electric vehicle (EV)-as-a-Service platform.

Gogoro stated in a statement they plan to launch an B2B pilot that swaps batteries on Delhi in December. The pilot will allow the last mile delivery fleets to be powered by Gogoro network battery swapping.

Together, the two companies are focusing on speeding up the shift from urban logistics fleets as well as final mile delivery to electrical via battery swapping.

“We are seeing an incredible global transformation of urban transportation and energy systems to smarter, cleaner, and safer electric power, and there is nowhere it will benefit more than India,” said Horace Luke, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Chief Executive Officer of Gogoro.

Over 350 million swaps of batteries to date, he stated Gogoro has launched its latest battery swapping system in India to create a brand new type of electric two-wheel vehicles that has been proven safe and trustworthy.

“Today, we are announcing a strategic partnership with Zypp Electric, India’s leading EV-as-a-Service platform, to launch a B2B pilot in Delhi that will enable last mile delivery fleets to begin to adopt sustainable energy and transform their businesses for the future using Gogoro battery swapping,” he added.

Zypp Electric Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder Akash Gupta said climate change and the rising levels of pollution are the biggest global issue and many world leaders have determined to bring about a change by taking radical measures that coincide with the vision of Zypp Electric.

“”We are super excited to partner with Gogoro, a like-minded global EV player stepping into the Indian market and decarbonizing Indian last-mile deliveries with Gogoro’s state-of-the-art battery swapping platform that is proven at scale to be safe, easy for riders to use, easy to deploy in cities and open to all businesses,” the CEO said.

The partnership is expected to provide an example of how battery swapping stations and electric vehicles will build a strong EV ecosystem that can solve the problem of the last mile across the nation.

As per the announcement that was released, it is said that the Indian administration is taking an proactive approach to setting an electric vehicle safety benchmark. vehicle safety, which will include new standards and regulations for batteries, vehicles and battery swapping and charging systems. The new standards are being developed to ensure that India is at par with the global standards for electric vehicles going ahead.

“Today’s strategic initiative and partnership with Zypp is a first step in validating and demonstrating Gogoro’s proven leadership in battery swapping while also learning from local businesses and riders,” said Kaushik Burman, the general manager for India at Gogoro.

“Gogoro is an early member of the Indian battery swapping association (IBSA) . We collaborate with a variety of companies and regulators to help build an improved India. Gogoro is working hard to get all necessary certifications for its batteries as well as swapping stations for batteries,” the CEO said.

IBSA is an industry group founded by the most prominent battery swapping companies in India to provide unified opinions and technical advice to the public and government on the subject of swapping batteries. Gogoro is among the founder participants of IBSA.

Additionally, Gogoro has appointed Kaushik Burman as its general manager for India in the name of Gogoro. Burman was previously in charge of Gogoro’s global expansion. Prior to Gogoro was a General Manager for Shell within Europe in Europe and Asia.

Burman is a highly experienced business leader with a wide variety of management roles across Europe, North America and Asia. His experience spans the transportation, energy, and fintech areas, with a concentration on the management of P&L and innovating.

Team Zypp Electric
Team Zypp Electric

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