What is Zypp ?

Today, it is not convenient for people to arrive at their last mile destination via public transportation, so they have to walk down or take a cab or auto. No cheap, easy, quick & health friendly option available for short & fast commute!

ZYPP is a disruptive E-Bike and E-Scooter sharing technology platform to solve this last mile problem. Helps people cover a short distance without any wait at a very nominal cost. ZYPP is India's first dockless E-Bike and eScooter sharing app. Just pick up a E-Scooter or eBike by scanning QR through the Zypp App, ride and park it sensibly anywhere. ZYPP's vision is to solve micromobility (<5km) for the billion Indians with their electric scooter sharing app.


Quick Short commute | Green Tech | No pollution | Less Traffic | Fitness

1st to Market

Successful concept brought to India by a superb team


Evolved Tech Product

Integrated GPS Lock technology


Driving Fitness

Slice of ₹1bn fitness market in India


Solving biggest menace

Traffic & Pollution


Green Power

Plant a tree on every 100 bike rides

Which Areas we're available?