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What is Zypp?

Zypp (Z-i-p) is an electric scooter rental & delivery app launched by Mobycy to solve the last mile connectivity & delivery needs of people & businesses. Zypp is India’s leading smart shared mobility app with a mission to revolutionize the way businesses deliver goods & people commute.

We provide deliveries & commute at a nominal cost and helping people to avoid traffic and embrace pollution free environment and congestion free life via EVs.

Currently available at selected locations in Gurgaon, NCR & Bangalore which you can easily find on Zypp app according to your nearby location. Zypp offers scooters built for solving short commute distances & last mile deliveries in India.

What Is Mobycy?

Mobycy (Mo-B-C), started as India’s 1st app-based E-Bike & bike-sharing platform, offering commuters a convenient, on-demand & affordable alternative mode of transportation to reach the last mile which slowly transistion into Zypp as a brand with movement to electric vehicles.

Mobycy & Zypp’s vision & mission is to Become Undisputed Leaders in Electric Shared Mobility making Commute Sustainable & Affordable.

Mobycy’s vision & mission is to Become Undisputed Leaders in Electric Shared Mobility making Commute Sustainable & Affordable.

Mobycy & Zypp is the trade name under the company BycyShare Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

What are services offered by Zypp?

Zypp Rentals: Zypp Rentals offers different forms of scooters available on daily, weekly, monthly rental plans. Plans are available where Zypp even delivers scooters to customer’s homes via Zypp Home Delivered option. It is made for those who use services regularly. For avid users who want Zypp monthly plans as per their convenience and unlimited rides, they are provided with charger as well. To request home delivery: https://bit.ly/ZyppRentals

Zypp Delivery: It is end to end delivery service where hyperlocal stores, large businesses can ask for end to end delivery services vis electric 2-wheelers or 3-wheelers. In this service Zypp provides rider along with an EV and can handle all your lastmile delivery for your business. To request delivery for your store: https://bit.ly/ZyppDeliver

Zypp Taxi: In this you will be charged Rs.10 to unlock and Rs. 1.5 per minute on Zypp Taxi. This is best suited for your daily lastmile commute rides with Zypp Hero taxi driver. To request, click on Taxi on App.

Zypp Hyperlocal: This is offline to online listing service where you can grow your business by showcasing yourself on Zypp App Hyperlocal section. You get access to Zypp’s 300k+ users who can request products from your nearby store. To request your store listing: https://bit.ly/Hyprlocal

Zypp PickNDrop: This is a pick & drop (goods, products, documents etc.) feature where you can request a Zypp Delivery Hero to fetch anything from a store or your friends & families place and get it delivered to your doorstep safely via the Zypp rider using the Zypp PickNDrop feature on the app. To request, click on PickNDrop on App.

How it works?


Download the Zypp app from Android Play store or iOS Appstore

iOS Link: https://apps.apple.com/in/app/mobycy/id1318610812

Playstore Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.mobycy

APK Link: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Q71Lqw1KEFRHhsklPNDS8Uudln40zHWZ

>Merchant panel link: merchant.zypp.app

Delivery Hero App link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zyppdelivery

Onboard process

Take a look through features and look for bikes in your area which helps you decide that App is suitable to your needs or not.

Sign up

Sign up with your current selfie and attach mentioned verified document like Aadhar card, Driving license, voter ID or other documents like Electricity bill, office ID and others.

Can’t receive SMS code?

There are many reasons for this issue, be it poor network coverage or server timeout. In these cases, try slightly different location and request new OTP.

How to find Zypp near me?

For locating Zypp near you, just open the Zypp app, which will automatically open the map with location markers of Zypps near your area. If you don’t find any e-Scooter, just pinch out to wider area, if it still doesn’t show Zypp near your locality, just raise a parking request shown on the screen or send us an email at help@zypp.app with the location and we shall come in your city or area soon if it’s in our expansion plan.

How do I unlock a Zypp?

Once you locate a Zypp near you, enter the destination you wish to go and with our enhanced algorithms, you can also see fare estimation to reach there and parking locations in that area. Once you are assured with that, unlock it by scanning the QR code or manually enter it. Post this, you will be given various plans and subscriptions made specifically for long ride riders to save money. Check the battery status on the app and bike to calculate your ride distance. In case it doesn’t fulfils the need, cancel it and scan another scooter and repeat the process. If all ok, Confirm the ride start.

What to do, if ride doesn’t starts?

If ride doesn’t start, try recalibrating your data network, shake the bike a bit and if it still doesn’t show life signs, scan another scooter. In rare, case if there is only one scooter, call the customer care number:          8884890060 or drop an email at: help@zypp.app.

Sometimes, battery gets discharged due to full use by other users.

Where to take Zypp?

Take Zypp wherever you want to go within the city, just make sure it fulfils the distance criteria for journey. Ride it on bike lanes, tracks and follow traffic rules and do not ride it on sidewalks which is not a good practice.

Take a look at battery meter for your ride mileage estimation:

Single seater scooter                                              Two seater scooter


Can I pause my ride if I need to?

Yes! We provide a feature to pause your ride for your short breaks in which you can have a sip of coffee, buy staples or meet someone. You can take multiple stops within one ride. Just click on Pause and when done, just resume back to ride. This feature gives you liberty to do a round trip in which you can finish your multiple tasks.

How to end my ride?

Once you reach your destination, park the scooter within the parking circle denoted by on the map and click on end ride on the app to finish it.


Where and how to park Zypp?

Zypp has designated parking circle denoted by on the map all over the city and you just need to park it sensibly inside the parking circle and end your ride. Make sure you don’t obstruct sidewalks, park anywhere outside the parking circle, this will call for strict action as per law and jurisdiction.

How to park and what are parking norms?

Zypp users are encouraged to park bicycles at Zypp Designated Parking Circles. Scooters should never be parked in private parks, within a compound, within a residence, or inside an underground parking space unless confirmed by a Zypp executive. We are putting our best efforts to ensure that Zypps are available around your place at any time of day between 8 am to 8 pm.

To provide a comfortable smooth experience, we seek your support and understanding to park at Zypp Designated Parking Circles. To offer your place as Zypp Designated Parking Place or to report wrong parking or bad parking, reach help@zypp.app to get freebies from Zypp team.


Have a look on how to park Zypp scooters:

Correct parking norms:


Incorrect Parking places:


Do I need to pay when scooter gets stolen?

As long as you are riding the scooter, scooter is your responsibility and if you leave the scooter unattended without ending the ride or outside the parking circle, you will be penalized for this irresponsible action. Best practice is to follow the rules and end the ride inside the circle and leave rest to us. The penalty can go as high as the cost of the scooter.

What if bikes get breakdown in middle of the ride?

Your satisfaction is crucial to us, in unlikely event if Zypp gets breakdown in middle of the ride like battery drains out(even after your inspection of mileage estimation) we request you to leave the bike at nearest parking circle and end your ride. In case, there is no parking nearby, call our customer care number and our rapid response team will ensure your problems hand to hand. Just make sure not to leave the bike unattended in absence of RRT or any Zypp representative.

Rate card if bike breakdown or get physical damage in your custody: However you need to make sure the condition of bike before hiring and submitting, if any breakdown happens while the bike in your custody, you’ll be liable for the charges. Here’s the list of rate cards:

What about my safety?


How much Zypp will cost me?

There are range of tailor-made pricing for different user segments like,


What are added benefits on this pricing?

Coupons: We run regular offers which helps you get extra concessions on ride cost, apply coupons before starting your ride.

Insurance on every ride: Insurance is auto applicable on all rides. It is available only for users between 19-65 age can be booked while unlocking a scooter via the app.


What are available payment methods?

We have many payment options like Paytm, MobiKwik, PayPal, AmazonPay, UPI, Credit card, Debit card and MobyCoins and many more to come. Just link you regular payment wallet with the app and charges will be deducted automatically on every ride end. You need to have minimum balance amount on your wallets to start ride. In case of low balance, you will be prompted to add Rs.100 as balance to start Zypp rides.

If you don’t want to attach payment wallets, you can add MobyCoins which will allow you to ride at better pricing.

What are MobyCoins?

MobyCoin is one of its kind reward systems in the mobility sector to encourage people towards electric mobility. One MobyCoins is equal to Rs.1.

How to earn MobyCoins?

You can earn MobyCoins by:

Sharing your selfie of your ride and experience on your social timelines, which will fetch you X number of MobyCoins.

Refer and Earn: On inviting your friends and family to join this initiative, You get MobyCoins on first three rides they do which accumulates to 100 MobyCoins to both referrer and referee.

Via cash: You can buy MobyCoin voucher from one of our on-ground representatives where you get more value for money for e.g. in Rs.100 you get MobyCoins worth Rs.105.

How to refer?

Tap on the menu button and see the option of “Free rides”

How to check MobyCoins Earned?

Tap on the menu and see the MobyCoins earned in your profile section, you can choose MobyCoins as default payment mode.

Is it transferrable?

No, It’s not and is to be used by the owner only. We might provide this feature in coming days.

What else can MobyCoins offer me?

We are working on an attractive reward system and for now it’s limited to refer and earn, but in future you might avail it on multiple store and outlets.

What to do if I get charged extra?

If you don’t follow Zypp policies, it will lead to a convenience fee, depending upon the action and distance of vehicle from nearest parking circle. We urge you to drop off the Zypp scooters at parking circles to ensure they’re safe and available for next user. In case you are charged incorrectly, please contact customer care or raise a ticket for refund and we will take care of refund process within 7 working days.


What is Buy, Lease and Earn?

Get more returns on EVs than Fixed Deposits or Mutual funds with returns up to 21.71%. Be a part of growing EV industry which is an estimate $5Bn and we bring you the opportunity to Buy Rs.22k on Li-ion batteries and will give you assured ₹833 every month which equals to the sum of Rs.30k in 3 years. Also Buy Rs.60k on E-scooters and earn Rs.80k in 3 years. Sounds interesting right? After registering we will connect with you and share more details, sign the agreement and on-board you, in this super-successful program.

To get a callback, place a request here: https://bit.ly/Zypp55k

How to become Zypp Pilot?

If you wish to earn a living and become a Zypp Delivery Associate whom we call as Zypp Pilot, place your request here and we’ll reach out to you: https://bit.ly/ZyppHero


Safety and Privacy

Do I need to check the scooter before riding it?

Yes, it is recommended to visually inspect the scooters to ensure it is in fine condition with no wire hanging out, visible dents, cracks, battery level, handle, seats or any other structural damage.

Always check the air pressure in tires of the vehicle and ensure the handle is working fine.

Do Zypp assures me to keep my data private and protected?

Yes, we ensure we keep the user information safe and not let any phishing attack. We take date and privacy seriously and GPS data is always anonymized. We don’t sell the user data to third party firms. To know more, please read our Privacy Statements.

What if someone asks me for my data or ride access: Please do not disclose the data to anyone and ensure the authenticity of the person and keep your data to you only unless it is asked from verified officials.


How to Get in Touch Regarding Any Concern Or Issue Or Idea?

Just go to Mobycy Zypp app & click on the Help section, submit your query & someone will reach out to you fast. Alternatively, you can email us at help@zypp.app or call on 8884890060 between 8 AM to 8 PM from Monday to Saturday.


FAQs last updated: May 20th’2020