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Why Zypp?

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Fully Electric fleet

A dedicated electric vehicle fleet for delivery, eco-friendly which reduces carbon and makes India pollution free.

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Save money and time

With dedicated scooter and riders always ready for delivery starting at just Rs.35/order, delivery time less than 45 minutes, ensures higher revenue and sales.

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Fast Pick Up

Dedicated and on-demand feature ensures fast pick up and quick delivery, which helps cater urgent needs.

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Customized Plans

Even if you are a single user or a e-commerce, we provide last mile delivery solutions for everyone. We support COD and secure online payments for orders

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Maintenance Support

We provide maintenance support for dedicated rider and scooter, also with swapping stations for battery swapping

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IOT, AI, ML enabled

IOT Tech enabled e-scooters and e-loaders with AI-ML dashboard having battery, CO2 stats you need.

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E-Commerce bridging the gap of “Deliveries” & “Customers” with Electric Vehicles
Posted Oct 10, 2020

The fast-paced nature of urban life has resulted in little time for visiting markets and stores for fulfilling everyday needs.

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Posted May 28, 2016

The ascension of all Evil As the age-old saying goes, necessity is the mother of all invention. It was driven by

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Wishes and essentials are key reasons for deliveries and every delivery holds a purpose and at times a story that we always cherish, be it our favorite clothes or medicine that saves lives. With evolving technology, deliveries are now faster and efficient and Zypp has made it carbon free as well. Recent times we have seen an exponential rise in delivery needs as going out is a risky affair and health comes first. This leads to a sharp increase in pollution emission and this can be more lethal in the long run. Zypp Electric took a note of this and solved this with it’s IOT, AI-ML enabled logistic solution with electric vehicles which keeps logistic cost and pollution emission at bay. Zypp Electric provides fast pickup, quick delivery and secure payment options which makes delivery experience seamless. Electric scooters, besides being environmentally friendly, even cutback congestion and save a fortune on the pockets of the taxpayers. We provide last-mile logistic service to consumers who find it difficult to avail an affordable, trained and eco-friendly solution. Our endeavours include customers counting on Zypp as their last-mile delivery solution for food, grocery, ecommerce or any shipment delivery from one point to another. Our fleet of electric scooters is equipped with chargeable batteries, prolonged durability, and easy access codes and custom design suiting specific business needs. Being 2W or 3W e-loaders for last-mile delivery struggles, we take pride in our green initiative and urge people to embrace it earnestly. Be a part of the revolution and experience the joyful ride of the best electric scooter with Zypp. Let Zypp be in command of your delivery requirements anywhere in Delhi, Gurgaon, NCR with its easy and comprehensible last mile delivery app. Zypp aims at transforming the logistic industry while shaping the future of the country through a shared, connected, electric and greener approach.

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  • Zypp Delivery User

    It's cost-effective, No DL and challan issue, quality of the vehicle is too good. speed is also good. It's very good as compared to petrol vehicles. The vehicle is having a good look and feel

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    Dil Mohammad
  • Zypp Invest and Earn User

    The journey of investment plan has been good so far, the returns were regular and all my queries were resolved well in time. Further the staff was so co-operative when i visited ZYPP Corporate office including Mr. Akash, who briefed us about the investment plan and was most encouraging in outlining the growth prospects.

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    Gulshan Kumar Jha



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