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What are New-Age Jobs in the EV industry?

Since General Motors introduced the first modern electric automobile in 1996, electric vehicles have come a long way. With the recent introductions of the Chevrolet Volt and the Nissan Leaf, electric vehicle manufacturers have made significant advances in terms of technology and consumer acceptance. Electric vehicles are regarded as an important step toward reducing reliance on petroleum, protecting the environment, and improving transportation sustainability. Many automakers have made significant investments in electric vehicle technology. Many workers will be employed as a result of the production of these vehicles, particularly those with automotive manufacturing experience.

This report discusses the various career paths available in the production and maintenance of electric vehicles, including hybrids, plug-in hybrids, and all-electric vehicles. The first sections describe the components and types of electric vehicles and the second section profiles key occupations in the electric vehicle industry. This report focuses on careers in R&D, manufacturing, maintenance, infrastructure development, and sales. Each occupation’s information includes a brief job description, the qualifications required to work in these occupations, such as education, training, certification, or licensure, and wage data.

Occupations by EV industry

Workers in the electric vehicle industry come from a variety of educational and employment backgrounds, including scientists who conduct research in electric drive technology, manufacturing workers who build vehicles, and automotive maintenance technicians who repair vehicles. The majority of these jobs necessitate specialised training or work experience in electric vehicle manufacturing and maintenance.

According to a study conducted by the University of California, Berkeley’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, most occupations in the electric vehicle industry are expected to grow in the coming years. Manufacturing industries and the domestic energy sector are expected to grow as the demand for batteries and charging stations rises. New types of automobile manufacturing jobs will also be created; however, many of these jobs will be filled by current employees or those displaced by the automobile manufacturing industry’s recent downsizing. During the 2007-2009 recession, the transportation subsector alone accounted for a significant portion of the manufacturing sector’s job losses.

Occupations in design and development

Engineers, engineering technicians, drafters; software developers; and industrial designers are among those who design and develop electric vehicle technology. Engineers use scientific and mathematical principles to create cost-effective solutions to technical problems. Their work connects scientific research to commercial applications. Many engineers define requirements before designing, testing, and integrating components to create designs for new products. Engineers are responsible for evaluating a design’s effectiveness, cost, reliability, and safety after the design phase. Engineers rely heavily on computers to create and analyse designs, as well as to simulate and test systems. Computers are also required for quality control processes.

Occupations in manufacturing

Electric vehicle manufacturing is a complex process that necessitates a large, skilled workforce. Because electric vehicle systems are more complex than traditional internal combustion engines, special manufacturing processes are required. Many of the people who work on electric vehicles have previously worked in traditional vehicle manufacturing. Automotive manufacturing jobs are concentrated in traditional industrial centres such as the Great Lakes region and the Midwest. Although Michigan and Ohio have the highest concentrations of these jobs, automobile manufacturing plants can be found in other states as well. Assemblers, machine tool operators, machinists, and industrial production managers are all examples of manufacturing jobs in the electric vehicle industry.

Occupations in infrastructure development

Infrastructure upgrades to support electric vehicles are planned and implemented by urban and regional planners. Several cities and local governments are actively promoting and increasing the use of electric vehicles. To encourage the use of these vehicles, city and local government officials are implementing improvements to municipal electric systems that will allow electric vehicle owners to use public charging stations. Urban and regional planners determine the number of charging stations required to support a given number of vehicles, as well as where they should be located to reach the greatest number of citizens.

Occupations in sales and support

Potential customers are sold vehicles by retail salespeople. They conduct financial transactions in addition to sales to complete the sale of a vehicle. A retail salesperson assists a customer in determining which vehicle best meets his or her needs and desires. The salesperson also explains the features of various models, as well as the specifications, options, and financing options available. Salespeople may work long hours and on erratic schedules, and they frequently earn at least a portion of their salary through commission.

Because they reduce pollution and reliance on fossil fuels, electric vehicles are an important component of the growing green economy. Jobs in the electric vehicle industry have a high potential for new job opportunities, and employment in all major sectors of the industry is expected to grow. Furthermore, as the electric infrastructure expands to support these vehicles, jobs will be created. These new jobs will cover a wide range of professions.

The increasing number of electric vehicles purchased over the last decade and new models introduced by several manufacturers this year in the United States demonstrates the industry’s growth. Employment opportunities in the industry are expected to grow as more electric vehicles are purchased.

Team Zypp Electric
Team Zypp Electric

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