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What are the benefits of electric vehicles over traditional vehicles?

Electric vehicles are creating quite a buzz in the automobile industry. Predominantly, most electric vehicles (two-wheelers or three-wheelers) are in B2B space as a logistic transport in India. But there is still a B2C market for electric vehicles in India. With a quick wink population rate and a dynamic automobile market, there is so much potential for Electric vehicle manufacturers to cash on the opportunity. 

World’s population is officially 8 billion now. Increasing populations means more carbon emissions than ever, mostly from petrol/diesel vehicles contributing directly to climate change. The need for a cleaner alternative to transportation is serious. With the arrival of Electric Vehicles in India, there is optimism for the revolution of India’s automobile industry. 

However, there is much uncertainty about Electric Vehicles. Can they fully replace traditional vehicles in every sense? What about the running cost? 


To answer all these, let’s analyze how electric vehicles are a better and cleaner alternative to traditional vehicles. 

  • Contribute to a cleaner environment with EVs. 

Breathing fresh air in metropolitan cities like Delhi and Mumbai is impossible to dream of. According to a survey, 30 % of total pollution is caused only by public transport, such as buses, trucks, lorries, autos, or cars. Globally, India rank 3rd amongst the country with the worst air quality. With rapidly increasing populations and no improvement in the transport state, it is just a matter of time before these numbers turn out to be the worst. Switching to electric vehicles can help lower carbon emissions as they are 100% environment-friendly and do not emit toxic gases. If you want a cleaner environment, you must drop your traditional petrol/ diesel vehicle and switch to electric vehicles soon. 

  • Save monthly maintenance costs.

Electric vehicles have almost no maintenance cost, unlike the traditional vehicle, where you need to spend a hefty amount of your hard-earned money on expensive maintenance costs. Chances of wear and tear are close to none in electric vehicles as there are only three moving components- motor, onboard chargers, and inverter. So, switch to electric vehicles and conserve your saving for something better.

  • Enjoy Financial benefits with EV. 

India is the companion of the EV 30@30 global campaign aiming to sell at least 30% electric vehicles of the total vehicles by 2030. The Indian Government is undertaking many measures and policies to create a favorable ecosystem for Electric vehicles. The Government is offering lucrative measures such as purchase incentives, road tax exemption, registration fee exemption, and scrapping incentives for switching to electric vehicles. You will obviously get a better deal for your electric vehicles than your peers with traditional vehicles.

  • Drive long and quiet with an EV. 

Considering there are no gears or complicated components in EVs. Driving an EV will be a quieter and more pleasant experience when you will switch from traditional vehicles. EVs are convenient to drive and also with instant force. They are ideal automobiles for a city’s driving. On top of all, EVs additionally help contribute to lesser noise pollution. Shift to an electric vehicle from your traditional vehicle now and enjoy long, easy drives

  • Easy charging. 

Imagine you are running late for your office. Grabbing your car’s keys, you rush to your home parking, only to find out you are out of fuel. What a stinking start to a new morning; you must waste another hour at the fuel station in the morning rush. But if you had Electric Vehicle, you could have easily charged your EV as you charge your other electric appliance at home. Just plug your Electric Vehicle into an electric grid supplying adequate power supply. Even if you forgot to charge your electric vehicle, you could easily take the fast help charger or swap battery service.

  • Drive at a cheaper rate. 

Is day by day-increasing fuel prices emptying your pockets and giving you headaches? Surely, you must have thought of selling your petrol or diesel vehicles at least once after looking at impossible fuel rates. Don’t worry. We have a remedy for you, swap to electric vehicles and drive at much lower rates than traditional fuel vehicles. Typically an electric vehicle will cost you Rs. 1.2- 1.4 per kilometer, while the same distance with a petrol or diesel vehicle will cost you Rs. 9-11 per kilometer. 

With Government’s continuous push and support for an electric vehicle-friendly ecosystem. Moreover, several arguments support how switching to electric vehicles can be substantial for our environment; we hope the day is close when each vehicle on India’s road running is an electric vehicle. India’s pollution level depends on us. Be a nature enthusiast in the real sense by switching your vehicle to electric and save money, time, and nature as well. There are many electric vehicle options available in the market for cars, bikes, and scooters. Our public transport has also embraced the electric vehicle. Now it’s your chance to do the same.  


Team Zypp Electric
Team Zypp Electric

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