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What are the pain points of delivery gig worker?

Technology has eased our lives to an incredible extent. The world has advanced drastically on digital grounds. Specifically, to talk about the sector we dwell in, India’s e-commerce and food delivery sectors have experienced significant growth over the past ten years. With the advent of online shopping, businesses have successfully created a whole new customer experience with respect to the digital platform. We now have the convenience of having anything we want to be delivered to our door with just a single click. We would never know how much machine and manpower it takes to make all these transactions so smooth.


The delivery agents, irrespective of seasons, traffic, unconstructed roads, temperature, pollution, vehicle malfunctions, roadside Quarles, etc., make sure that we receive our required and requested parcel right on time as promised by the app. And when we open the door, we find a welcoming and smiling face, peeping through our parcel, hoping to see the excitement and happiness on our faces. But what we don’t see is the priceless hurdles and sacrifices these delivery boys make just to make us happy. 


A very obvious and primary responsibility if the delivery agents are to deliver the item or whatever parcel, within the right time. Apart from that, a delivery associate’s tasks and obligations can be extended to encompass a variety of things, which can be taxing on their finances and health. He is also required to sincerely pick up and deliver the products safely. He must also work with customers to assure their complete happiness. Additionally, they are expected to load and unload freight, check that items are accurate, schedule deliveries, organize delivery routes and times, receive payments, record them, and submit reports.

Problems of petrol-run vehicles

All delivery agents’ best friends are their scooters. How the regular petrol-runed scooters might not be very convenient as per their requirement. Petrol scooters might be convincing in terms of their price but in terms of their performance, refilling cost, maintenance, etc., we all know the pain. Like the agents, scooters have to undergo several unfavorable conditions to deliver customers happiness. So, a regular check on the quality of its performance is a must.

We might agree with the fact that petrol scooters are cheaper than the electric alternatives that we have. However, we often miss noticing the fact that the cost of the maintenance is several times higher than what it would take for the electric ones. One-time investment theory would hence support electric scooters over petrol once. Apart from that, the regular refilling process to is a very time taking process provided the regular hike in the petrol prices.

How does Zypp help in solving the problems of the drivers

Zypp provides electric vehicles which are carbon-free, emission-free, low on maintenance and high on performance. It provides electric scooters to delivery agents or e-commerce companies to carry out their businesses smoothly without any hassle. When it comes to performance, the e-scooter has no rivals. Electric scooters accelerate more quickly and smoothly than gas scooters because of this. As a result, an electric scooter is simpler to control when accelerating quickly and squeezing under obstacles in urban areas. Due to their increased torque, electric scooters perform even better. While both gasoline and electric scooters may travel quickly, electric scooters react considerably more quickly than gasoline scooters.


For people who just need to go short distances, electric two-wheelers are the best option. The lack of charging stations for e-scooters makes traveling long distances challenging. However, thanks to detachable batteries, those may be swiftly and simply changed at home or in any location with access to electricity. However, many electric scooter models now come with self-charging options, opening up the possibility of long rides in the future. 

Similar to electric scooters, there are no restrictions on how they can be used. You may ride your gasoline scooter anyplace as long as there are safe roads and terrain nearby, and you have access to gas stations or carry fuel with you. But as we all know, there are only so many sources of gasoline, and eventually, they will run out. So, in this case, electric scooters are still winning. The recharging and refilling of the scooters is one major aspect that obstructs the smooth functioning of the delivery process. You don’t have to spend a dime on petrol when using an electric scooter.


An electric scooter costs 15% less per litre of gasoline than a gasoline scooter while providing the same mileage. If we analyze, electric scooters prove to be much more cost-effective than petrol ones, in the long run. On average, gasoline scooters get 50 to 60 kilometres per litre. Consequently, it costs 2.5 Rs/km on average, which is too much when compared to electric scooters, the cost of which is 0.25 Rs/km on average. An additional benefit of electric scooters. The battery, in electric scooters, should be charged and cleaned frequently under the guise of maintenance, however, there isn’t much maintenance required for electric scooters. On the other hand, maintenance on petrol scooters is far more expensive than that of electric ones because they require more frequent servicing and the replacement of numerous parts.


Team Zypp Electric
Team Zypp Electric

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