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What does ZYPP Electric do?

What does ZYPP Electric do?

How often have you seen Zypp green e-two-wheelers around you? If you live in Delhi-NCR, the chances of noticing Zypp vehicles are high. 

Zypp is a Gurgaon-based EV startup leading tech-enabled EV platform. The company’s vision lies in making India carbon-free through electric vehicles. Along with the Mission Zero Emission, Zypp aims to transform the current logistics sector. The company’s dual approach focuses on eliminating pollution and increasing savings. Zypp’s business model is to ease last-mile delivery for delivery partners and merchants. 


Zypp’s Work Model

Let us now understand Zypp Electric’s operations briefly. The company connects with delivery partners through its pilot program. Furthermore, Zypp provides electric vehicles to the associated delivery partners. Thus, the onus of vehicle provision lies on Zypp. The company connects with e-commerce companies and merchants to get their packages delivered. Some prominent names include Amazon, Zomato, Swiggy, Delhivery, Blinkit, and much more.

The gigs are passed down to delivery partners under Zypp’s pilot program. Thus, various deliverables like groceries, food, e-commerce packages, and medicines are facilitated. Zypp’s entire delivery process occurs through fully automated IoT and AI-enabled scooters. Such technology leads to high-performance deliveries without much investment. 

The delivery partners save on fuel costs by leveraging electric scooters. These scooters come with swappable batteries, which can be swapped at key touchpoints or charged at home. Zypp further enhances drivers’ experience by providing EV chargers. Thus, the delivery partners can charge their vehicle’s battery within the comfort of their homes. 

The smart technology enables tracking the time for changing the EV battery. This approach enables Zypp’s delivery partners to reduce the cost per delivery and avoid pollution. Electric vehicles are necessary when fuel prices are increasing significantly. Zypp scooters are easy to operate and come with instant resolution service. The delivery partners can easily connect with Zypp during any inconvenience. 


Zypp for Riders

The prevalent logistics sector pushes delivery partners towards low income and little flexibility. However, Zypp aims to transition these trends through its multi-dimensional approach. For instance, Zypp riders can choose their preferred working hours and duration. Such a work culture imparts a sense of freedom and flexibility to riders. They can work according to their comforts, boosting productivity and willpower. 

Delivery partners are at the core of Zypp’s vision to make India achieve zero emission in last-mile delivery by 2025. Zypp’s riders benefit from maximum savings by avoiding EMIs and maintenance. All they need to do is charge the vehicle and connect through the Zypp pilot app. 

On top of these features, Zypp’s electric scooters drive high performance. They can easily cover 120 kilometers range and are powered by a double battery. A charger and dedicated customer support gets facilitated to the riders. 

How to Join Zypp’s Pilot Program 

Here are some easy steps to join Zypp’s pilot program and boost earnings. 

Step 1: Download the Zypp Pilot App from Google Play Store. 

Step 2: Complete KYC with four easy steps for verification purposes. 

Step 3: Select the preferred Zypp electric scooter through the app. 

Step 4: Get deliveries on the app and start earning through it. 

Step 5: Avail your income through an easy payout process.


Zypp for Merchants

In today’s date, doorstep delivery is facing a massive transition. The behaviour patterns and expectations of customers are changing over time. Thus, many prominent brands are leveraging dedicated rider services as a response. The fleet management often becomes heavy to bear for merchants. The heavy cost allocation and fuel price hikes make the situation even worse. 

Thus, Zypp’s last-mile delivery services come to the rescue here. It provides an opportunity to make services affordable and contribute to sustainability. Electric Vehicles also receive government support through subsidies and additional benefits. The adoption of EVs becomes more necessary in this scenario. 


Some key features of Zypp’s last-mile delivery services are listed below, 

  • Dedicated Rider:

    A specific rider is assigned to ensure hassle-free delivery services. Moreover, backup is always ensured to avoid even a minor inconvenience. 

  • Merchant Panel:

    Zypp enables a specific merchant panel for adding new deliveries, tracking existing deliveries, locating riders, and facilitating payouts. All of the essential functions are incorporated into one single panel. 

  • Technology Integration:

    The merchants can link their platforms to track orders and receive insights. Thus, the real-time deliveries and other necessary information are displayed on the dedicated dashboard. 

  • Multiple Orders:

    Many orders can be delivered to the customer’s doorstep dedicated to a specific area. 

  • Professional Riders:

    Zypp understands the merchant’s need by allotting trained riders for supreme customer satisfaction. 

Final Words

Electric vehicles continue to grow at exponential growth. Thus, Zypp aims to ensure a smooth transition through affordable and environmentally friendly services. Zypp addresses the need of both riders and merchants to ensure maximum productivity. 

For more information, visit Zypp’s website-

Team Zypp Electric
Team Zypp Electric

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