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Will Electric Scooters Replace Petrol Bikes for Delivery in the Upcoming Days?

Electric vehicles are getting more popular in the market. Electric vehicles are the future of delivery. With the rise in the popularity of electric vehicles, more and more companies are starting to use them for last-mile delivery services. Electric vehicles will undoubtedly replace petrol bikes for last-mile deliveries shortly. There are many reasons why people are switching over to electric vehicles; they are cheaper, easier to maintain, and faster. But what about delivery? Will electric scooters replace petrol bikes for last-mile delivery?

Let’s look at 5 ways in which electric vehicles are going to replace petrol bikes for last-mile delivery –

  • Electric vehicles are less costly than petrol bikes.

Electric Scooters are cost effective compared to petrol bikes. They have a lower cost of ownership compared to petrol bikes. Electric scooters are more economical than petrol bikes. They cost less to purchase and maintain, which makes them a good option for a bike for delivery. The cost of maintenance, fuel, and parking space is much less in an electric vehicle than in a petrol bike. Electric vehicles have a meager fuel cost and can run for long distances without stopping for refueling. This makes them much more cost effective than petrol bikes for last-mile deliveries like couriers or riders who need to go from home to office or vice versa.

  1. Electric vehicles are easy to maintain than petrol bikes.

Electric vehicles have a lower running cost than petrol bikes, which makes them more affordable. When it comes to maintenance, electric vehicles require less upkeep, and they also need less space to park. Electric vehicles are easy to maintain since they do not require frequent oil changes and other services like tires, chains, and sprockets, which require regular maintenance for an extended period. These services can be carried out by a mechanic at home or in any workshop nearby if you have the right tools while traveling on road trips or deliveries.

  1. Petrol bikes’ fuel cost is expensive, while electric vehicles are more affordable.

Petrol bikes require regular maintenance and service at a high cost, which makes them not very suitable for last-mile deliveries where the distance between the pickup point and final destination varies across different locations in the city or region. On the other hand, electric vehicles have no moving parts and no need for maintenance, making them cheaper to run over time than their petrol counterparts. 

  1. Electric vehicles are environmentally friendly.

Unlike petrol bikes, electric vehicles are environmentally friendly, as they don’t emit harmful gases such as CO2 and NOx into the atmosphere, which can adversely affect our planet’s climate system if left unchecked for a long time. This means that they help reduce global warming effects and significantly contribute to reducing pollution levels in our environment.

  1. Electric scooters are a better fit when it comes to tracking and optimization

Companies need to track the whole journey for logistics or last mile delivery. The supply chain companies find electric scooters more convenient options than petrol bikes for fleet tracking and optimization. Due to simple vehicle structures, it is easy to integrate electric vehicles with all the required and latest technology for fleet tracking. Making the whole process easy for the company as well as the customer. 

In short, electric vehicles are better suited for last-mile deliveries than petrol bikes due to their low cost of ownership and lower maintenance requirements. 

However, these factors aren’t enough to make them replace petrol bikes entirely for deliveries in India’s cities; they need to be paired with other innovations as well, like autonomous technology or smart charging infrastructure (charging points at workplaces).

The Indian government is introducing different schemes and incentive programs to entice more consumers toward electric vehicles. Although the EV sector has much more potential in the Indian automobile industry, the day is a little bit far when individuals use EVs. But commercial and logistic spaces have adopted Electric scooters or vehicles quite humbly. Many big eCommerce companies are tying up with EV as a service provider to strengthen their delivery service. For example, Indian e-commerce giants like Flipkart, Myntra, and Swiggy collaborated with Zypp Electric vehicles to quickly transition to electric scooters for their delivery partners. Zypp electric helped the companies save approximately 9 million kgs on CO2 through more than 2 million deliveries. Also, it enabled its partners in grocery segments, such as Zepto, and Blinkit, to cut down delivery costs by fleeting 10%. 

If this continues and more and more companies are involved in logistics, identifying the potential and benefit of using the electric vehicle for deliveries are much better and more economical options than petrol bikes. The day is not far when electric vehicles will completely replace petrol bikes in the delivery and logistics space.  

Team Zypp Electric
Team Zypp Electric

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