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Challenges and Opportunities of Electric Scooters in India

There has been an exponential rise in the EV Industry ever since the outbreak of the Pandemic. The urge to get home deliveries of almost everything contributed a lot to Air Pollution, which in turn forced the world leader to switch as soon as possible from Traditional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) scooters to Electric scooters. Apart from being pollutant-free EVs are grasping their grip on the vehicle market due to less maintenance costs. But still, it’s too early to say they are dominating the market due to the challenges that it’s facing right now. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the major Challenges and Opportunities for EVs in the Indian market.



  • Lack of charging infrastructure:

According to an article by Business Standard newspaper published on 01-April-2022 ” “Mr. Nitin Gadkari Minister of Road Transport and Highways of India stated that we have over 1 million EVs and 1742 public charging stations.” This means India remains a laggard in EV charging infrastructure penetration. Hence with the current situation, consumers will have to figure out their charging plan before weekend plans.

  • The Fuel Crisis:

India is facing a critical coal shortage. According to “Coal reserves at Indian power plants have declined almost 17% since the start of April 2022.” Since the Renewable Energy resources are at their developing age; they are not much efficient to fulfill the power requirement amid these crises and the same could happen with a surge in EVs popularity.

  • Lack of Skilled workforce:

One of the major challenges in the EV sector is the lack of knowledge in these sectors or subjects in the curriculum of the Indian Education system to support EV Industries.


1. Government Schemes:

There have been a number of Government plans to encourage EVs in India:

  • National Electric Mobility plan 2013- Target to reach 6-7 million sales of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicle by 2020.
  • FAME & FAME 2 (Updated on 2019): To make adoption & manufacturing of EVs & hybrid vehicle faster.
  • National Mission on Transformative mobility & battery storage 2019 – To localize the entire EV value chains.

2. Research & Development Programs:

More frequent Research and Development programs are being held to make renewable resources more efficiently to overcome the fuel crisis. There has been a big development in Solar Energy sector regarding efficiency and performance currently. Hence such developments will gradually catch up to the power requirements of India even with the full-fledged market of EVs.

3. Deaeration of Environment:

EVs are the only solution to one of the major reasons for the Deaeration of the Environment. Because Air Pollution caused by Internal Combustion engines (ICE) vehicles can directly contaminate the surface of water bodies & water. It also plays a vital role in Global Warming, Acid Rain etc. While EVs use LI-ion batteries which are pollution-free.

4. Improving Education System:

Nowadays Government, as well as Private Education bodies are adaption to the pace of fast-changing education requirements. Such as:

  • Platforms like SWAYAM/NPTEL.
  • Universities like ACTE and many IIT colleges are conducting workshops regarding electric scooters.
  • Many electric scooter industries are themselves providing technical articles and data to enhance the average of consumers towards the electric scooter.

Hence such kind of steps are going to provide skilled full EV Engineers & Technicians with incoming future. Conclusively, despite many challenges & hurdles, EVs future in India is going to be quite significant. However, the Government policies are working hard to cut down the market price of EVs. It seems too easy for that. Hence to solve this ultimate problem & encourage our delivery partner. Zypp Electric is providing rental facilities for E-bike at a quite reasonable price. We are committed to helping India to reach its milestone of 70% of commercial electric vehicles by 2030.

Team Zypp Electric
Team Zypp Electric

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