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How can we bring down the cost of setting up charging infrastructure?

How can we bring down the cost of setting up charging infrastructure?

EV charging infrastructure is expensive, installing stations takes not just lots of money, but also expertise, patience, time, and collaboration with others. And there is a need for good management to provide the best services and ensure every vehicle in the fleet should be charged on time without requiring additional infrastructure. 


Making EV charging infrastructure affordable 

Zypp aims to make EV charging infrastructure affordable and ensure it provides the best services. EV India market is growing every day which is not only affordable but also good for the environment. By choosing electrical vehicles you can also play a role in this.

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Smart charging method

This method can help to save lots of power as it will only promote charging during low energy and will automatically charge if the power is low. This process can be one of the major ways of saving energy and utilising it only if required. People will only be able to charge vehicles if required which means a small fleet and more services. This can play a major role in controlling cost, power as well as time.

 Make the most of free public chargers

Even if electricity rates are higher, plenty of places offer free electric vehicle charging. For India, it is a tough task but if implemented wisely this can be done if we try to convert all big open parking lots into solar charging stations which convert solar energy into electricity, and electricity will be used only when required. People will only have to pay for their parking and they can charge their vehicle for free.

Large-scale charging stations

Rather than charging your vehicle at home and investing a huge amount of money regularly, you can go to a charging station, where you have to pay a monthly fee and you can charge your vehicle as much as required.  Because the station is constructed on a large scale and has various charging points it will cost you much less than the amount and power you invest at your home.

Zypp has constructed these charging stations for their customer’s convenience, where they only have to pay a monthly fee to keep their battery charged however required.


 Avoid rapid charging unless essential

They say the most convenient things are the most expensive, which seems true if applied to EV charging. That means,  the less time it takes to recharge your electric vehicle battery, the more it will cost you. Maintenance and cost of EV rapid chargers are very high, such as those found at motorway stations. If you use a battery that charges rapidly and provides good speed the battery and the infrastructure will cost a lot, but if you have plenty of time you can choose a battery that provides comparatively less speed but also costs less.

Save on grid hosting capacity costs  

There will be a very high demand for power and money for a site to constantly provide the best services and upgrade the infrastructure, but this can be prevented by good management. An electric vehicle charging station does this by improving power management at the charging stations, within the campus, and on grid and microgrid levels, balancing the power demand throughout the day is vital to ensure continuous charging capabilities without requiring supplementing electrical infrastructure and more money or power.

Avoid vendor lock-in

Construct a hardware-agnostic charge point management station,  that is based on open standard communication protocols, and is compatible with most charger models. 

It is very common for EV and EMSP charging station hosts to be required to purchase proprietary management software through expensive contracts. Constructing an open, hardware-agnostic EV charging infrastructure separate from the hardware can help to avoid vendor lock-in.

With an independent charging station vendor, you can get the best services, quality, and flexibility without being bound to any expensive and potentially ineffective solution.

Optimise energy management

Increased demand for power can lead to constantly upgrading a site’s power infrastructure, resulting in significant costs. Therefore, energy management is required to lower the cost of EV charging infrastructure. 

An EV charging station can achieve this by managing power consumption. The charging platform required power throughout the whole day hence it is very important to look after the consumption and utilising only if required.

More ways to bring down the cost of setting up EV charging infrastructure?

  1. Electrified Roads 
  2. Public charging station
  3. Wireless Charging 


We have discussed many ways to bring down the cost of setting up EV charging infrastructure, with these steps we can not only save money but also time. But the most important factor is management. We hope to achieve all these goals and provide our customers best services.


Zypp aims to provide our customers with the best services and make their travelling experience easy and comfortable, without compromising the quality of vehicles and the environment.


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Team Zypp Electric
Team Zypp Electric

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