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Role of technology in EV adoption in India

Role of technology in EV adoption in India

Every time the petrol climate changes or petrol price strikes,  electric vehicles are mentioned as a part of the solution. Electric vehicles are the future of India, these are not only a good alternative to petrol vehicles but also have more storage space, are lightweight, and require less maintenance. We should opt for electric vehicles and save the environment. But not many people are aware of the benefits of electric vehicles in India. 

How technology can play a vital role in the adoption of electric vehicles in India

Many things related to electric vehicles like battery life, and covering more distance in one charge need to develop, which can be done only with the help of technology. Technology will help to increase charging points, increase charging speed, and better manufacturing.

Increase battery life of electric vehicles 

Electric vehicles in India are pretty developed but we have to achieve a lot more, every single day we are trying to achieve something more to make people’s rides easier and more comfortable. Battery life is one of the most important factors. 

More battery life means you will not have to get it replaced often and it’ll give you the best services without wasting the money and time required for the replacement process. More battery life also means your vehicle will work perfectly for a long time and you won’t have to take the mental pressure of expenditure. 

Decreasing battery size

Battery size present in the market is justifiable but it can be developed and reduced which will lead to more storage space and more lightweight. It will help people, especially the Gig delivery drivers, to carry more goods and their journey will not be tiring. 


More storage means they can carry more goods at one time as blue-collar workers like delivery boys who have to parcel goods will be able to carry more goods at a time and their schedule will be less hectic. Similarly, if the vehicles are having lesser body weight, they will be easy to handle and will not lead to exhaustion or body ache.

More speed and distance in one charge 

We’ve already discussed two of the most important roles of technology but what about speed and discharge time? Technology can help us to increase discharge duration. If the discharge duration is long, people will be able to travel long distances on one charge and will not have to find charging points and waste time charging the vehicle.

Technology can help us to increase battery quality and increase the speed which means less time to reach the destination, this can make your trips and work less hectic.

Increase charging speed

Why waste such a long time charging the battery? With time and technology being able to decrease the charging time; this will surely improve the quality of electric vehicles and will make your journey easy and take less time.

You’ll be able to rely on these vehicles in emergencies and on unplanned journeys. You’ll not have to wait for charging and more people will be able to charge in less time.

Electrified roads 

More charging points/stations can solve lots of problems, technology can help to make small charging points or bigger charging stations like petrol pumps where people can go to recharge their vehicles while traveling. More charging stations mean more convenience and less wattage of time and energy. No one likes to wait in long lines. If this happens you’ll be able to charge your vehicles without any hustle.


Imagine how easy it will be if we’ll be able to charge our vehicle anytime anywhere. We can do that if we have wireless charging services like our mobile phones and additional charger which charges our vehicle wherever required while traveling in the parking in traffic. This will take transportation to a next level and make traveling easy, affordable, and less hectic.



Technology can play a vital role in developing electric vehicles in India, it can help to provide the best services and quality for less money. By developing all the mentioned factors we can save our environment and provide the best services. It is the only way to achieve what we aim for and what’s required this time.

We are working regularly to achieve all these goals to make transportation easier, affordable, and less tiring. Keeping the environment and climate change in our mind we wish to ensure every one of us drives electric vehicles and saves the environment. Without compromising the quality of transport and development every day we are working to develop every day. 

Zypp ensures to make traveling more easy and affordable, additionally, we look forward to saving the environment and reducing our carbon footprint as much as we can without compromising with our services and your convenience.


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Team Zypp Electric
Team Zypp Electric

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