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Is an electric scooter good for delivery purposes in India?

Is an electric scooter good for delivery purposes in India?

The cost issue of the electric scooter is usually a hot topic that’s mentioned over and over again. And for the foremost part, many immoderate comments are detected concerning it. There are a variety of individuals who would claim that B2B electric scooter fleets in India don’t supply affordable pricing. Yet, most of these people are unaware that some of the new-age electric scooter corporations build cash out of their efficient offerings. Catering to the B2B segments means that a whole fleet should be ready to deliver efficiently on client needs and specifics.


One of the many features is load capacity. And additionally, a possibility that’s open to better both space and carrier coverage areas. The carrier choices would be broadening additionally as they’re about to launch more services within the country. Apart from B2B carriers, there are platforms for customers as well. The corporate appearance is forward to catering technology merchandise and services that will be relevant to different markets.


The main reasons why Electric scooters are good for delivery purposes in India are because they have a low cost of ownership, they are easy to maintain, they reduce noise pollution, they have zero carbon emission, their load capacity, and they are convenient for charging at home. Brands like Zypp, Yulu, and Bounce provide Electric scooters for delivery purposes to brands like Zomato, Swiggy, Amazon, and Flipkart.

 Load capacity-

A critical characteristic of a good delivery scooter is its garage functions and capacity. While many people operating in the transport, especially in food transport, use rectangular backpacks and boxes they carry on their backs, it might nevertheless be best in case your scooter should share that load with you. Most electric-powered scooters will now no longer include any garage functions out-of-the-box, however also, a maximum of them are capable of helping types of a trunk or a basket, and each of those may be of tremendous help.

Easy to maintain

EVs require less maintenance compared to petrol, therefore the service and maintenance costs are also very low. The battery, motor, and associated electronics require little to no regular maintenance. The battery has a long life and therefore you don’t need fuel you just need to charge the EV scooter and then you can travel for approximately 120 km

Reduce noise pollution

Well, better than living with those endless sounds of horns and sirens and yelling individuals and construction noises. And of course better than breathing in a lot of pollutants than Oxygen! Studies counsel that vehicles are the first supply of sound pollution in India. traffic makes around 55 to 60% of the noise pollution felt in urban India. Electric scooters work on batteries and therefore don’t have significant moving parts. Also, they have a lower drag coefficient, and therefore they don’t turn out a lot of noise at higher speeds. Usually, the delivery boys want to deliver as many deliveries as possible and therefore want to get rid of traffic so there is a lot of noise in petrol scooters as compared to EV scooters. EV scooters do not make noise as they are electric


Zero carbon emission-

The used part is crucial for electric scooters in general because that’s where they need a real advantage. In fact, throughout the utilization phase, electric vehicles (including cars) don’t pollute. That’s right, there are no greenhouse emissions or other polluting emissions – only particles related to braking. This means that the longer electric scooters (or electric cars) are used, the greater ecological advantage they get. And then, all of us understand how critical a cause they serve while it involves saving the environment from additional damage. Well, electric vehicles are indeed the future of vehicles.


Convenient for charging at home-

Imagine you don’t have to rely on the costly petrol anymore and you can charge your EV scooter at home, just a plug and a power source. Electric scooters are convenient for charging at home as most EV scooters get charged in 1.5-3 hrs and after that can be driven for approximately 120 km.


Low cost of ownership –

As we covered in the points above EV scooters are convenient for charging at home, they have zero carbon emission, they reduce noise pollution, and they are easy to maintain but if you want to own one EV scooter the cost of ownership of one year would approximately be 84,000 for 3 years whereas for a petrol scooter it would be 1, 32,000 for 3 years



The automobile industry has seen an incredible transformation over the years. Electric vehicles are an addition to history. This time, more than our requirement, it’s the need of this earth

Team Zypp Electric
Team Zypp Electric

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