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What are the things to check before buying an electric scooter?

No time better than NOW to invest in buying an electric scooter! But wait before you hurry and make the wrong choice!

Here are a few things you MUST check before buying an electric scooter

1. Price

While this may seem like the most obvious rubrics in buying any item, we often don’t fully calculate the cost and benefit we’re getting. Remember an electric scooter is both environment and consumer friendly. There are many different models. Only buy what’s cost efficient for YOU.

2. Battery Life

What distinguishes an electric scooter from a petrol scooter is that it runs on a pre charged, emissionless battery. It’s basically your toy remote control car but a life-size version and so battery life becomes an essential component that leads you to buy a scooter. Do list down the distance you roughly travel per day and equate it with the battery life. Make sure you have enough backup battery as well!

3. Battery Charge Time

We’ve all heard the famous proverb: time is money. You don’t want to be waiting for the battery of your scooter to charge when you’re already running late for a meeting. Make sure that the battery charging time is less but also efficient.

4. Tax Benefits

Electric Scooters help the environment, are low cost, and are also the future of tomorrow. So, the government of India has now started giving Tax Benefits and loans to those who buy electric vehicles. Do check the tax bracket you lie in and the benefits applicable to you!

5. Motor Power

Motor power is essential to hold the weight of the rider and the rider’s baggage. It is something that must be given great consideration. You can even consult an ev specialist to assist you in your purchase

6. Features

In 2022, we’re surrounded by devices. Even on the road, we need the GPS for directions, the Bluetooth for music, the automatic safety modes to prevent accidents and what not!
So why not check for those features in your EV too? Make sure that you buy the right rider mode – Eco or sport with the right features.

7. Warranty

Warranty is a must item on your checklist. No hyperbole can emphasize how important it is that you make sure that your seller gives you a good warranty time period on the battery life and inbuilt features as they are what you pay for.

8. Insurance

Before you finalize your EV do consult an insurance agent and sign your vehicle up for insurance. The road out there is risky my friend! Better be safe than sorry!

If you keep these 8 things in mind, your new scooter can be your perfect sawaari!

Let us know in the comments below if this was useful in your purchase of an EV!

Team Zypp Electric
Team Zypp Electric

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