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Role of gig-workers in transforming last-mile logistics in India

Gig workers play a vital role in transforming last-mile logistics, they provide additional qualities to work in less money and requirements, this can be the future of last-mile logistics, especially for small-scale businesses.

Role of gig-workers in transforming last-mile logistics

These workers save money and play a vital role in our economy. Other benefits of gig workers are listed below.


One of the main advantages of gig workers is that expenditures and expenses may be kept to a minimum. This is so that companies don’t need to maintain pricey workplaces and big offices and can instead recruit workers off-site.


Additionally, hiring gig workers fully eliminates high-cost expenses such as retirement plans, paid sick leave, and employee benefits packages. You could cut these costs by more than half by hiring gig workers, and reinvesting the money saved in your business.

Businesses that use freelancers can also reduce their infrastructure costs be it last mile logistics or office place company does not have to spend a lot. Maintaining office space, computers, and other office supplies is not necessary. Businesses that completely support remote work can eliminate office needs.

Labor Force

The gig economy offers a workforce that can directly connect the business with the freelancer. This eliminates the inconvenience of working with a middleman throughout the employment process, making it simpler to hire workers.


People who work in last mile logistics, especially blue-collar workers such as delivery works hard and travel miles regularly, which consumes lots of energy and makes their work exhausting we can replace motor biles with delivery e-scooters as they are lightweight and do not require combustible fuel. This will make their work easy and save the environment.


Output Production

Today’s workers are starting to place a higher value on flexibility than they did in the past. Because of this, the gig economy is thriving. People are working in sectors like freelancing part-time delivery guys and developing working systems, but they cannot afford to invest an extra amount or spend it regularly, especially labor class like delivery boys, by switching to delivery e scooter we can make their work easy and can help them to save more.

Finding the Right Person for the Job

Along with lowering expenses, the gig economy allows you to hire the best candidate for the position. Individualized skills can be applied by employers to many aspects of your business. You can employ a gig worker to create your website, improve your SEO, or oversee your social media presence.

In this way, you won’t be forcing one or two of your employees to perform tasks outside of their areas of expertise. Utilizing diverse people according to their areas of competence is possible thanks to the gig economy. Because of this, small firms can function like big ones without paying for their large overhead.

Your Employees Can Do More High-Value Work

Your staff can concentrate on performing more high-value work by contracting out other duties to independent contractors. Employees can delegate low-value work, such as expense reporting, arranging trip reservations, and other simple chores, freeing up time for more important projects. While freelancers handle the scheduling, background research, and other responsibilities that can be delegated, your workers can concentrate on what they do best.

Easily Hire Seasonal Workers

Seasonal laborers are frequently required by seasonal businesses to step in and assist at peak times. Temp agencies are frequently used by business owners, but their costs can mount up quickly. Typically, temp agencies charge a fee that ranges from 12% to 50% of the hourly wage of the temporary employee.

The gig economy enables firms to deal directly with freelancers and independent contractors and cut out the middlemen. Freelancers are aware of the risks involved and have little to no hope that their work will lead to a full-time position. Freelancers and gig workers like having the freedom to switch between jobs.

Greater Expectations

Today’s consumers have higher expectations. They are aware of what they want and deadlines when they want. The gig economy is facilitated by this tendency. By using gig labor, business owners can take advantage of customer expectations. This strategy is more common when consumer demands dramatically spike during peak seasons.

Since freelancers are more up-to-date on industry knowledge, abilities, and other resources, businesses anticipate receiving high-quality work from them. To continually bring in new customers, they must remain informed of trends. Customers have higher expectations from companies, brands work to meet those expectations by working with freelancers, and freelancers constantly improve their abilities to win new clients.




We have discussed all the benefits of gig workers in transforming last-mile logistics in India, we wish to achieve more and provide gig workers more facilities. 

Team Zypp Electric
Team Zypp Electric

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