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Maximizing your Earnings: Tips for Delivery Drivers

When you first start working with a delivery company, you should not jump to conclusions about your potential earnings. Give it some time! You, like everyone else, must learn how the company operates and gather sufficient information about the market you serve. Long-term delivery drivers emphasize the importance of providing excellent customer service in order to increase tips (and the net income). In many cases, the base fares paid by the companies are low, so workers rely heavily on tips to earn a living.

So, how can you make more money? Small adjustments to your work routine may result in more completed deliveries and higher tips. In the following sections, you’ll find plenty of delivery driver tips on how to better utilize your hours, prepare yourself for your shifts, communicate with customers, and improve your customer service in general.

Tips for delivery drivers:

  1. Be familiar with your surroundings.

Some say it’s best not to use a GPS, while others swear by it. If you’re new to town, you’ll probably need some help finding the pick-up and drop-off locations quickly. It will help if you spend some time studying the city map or driving around for a few hours in your spare time.

Look at how the main and side roads are connected wherever you go somewhere. Make sure you know all the shortcuts in your city and develop familiarity with the most popular stores and restaurants. With sufficient knowledge of your city, you will reduce the number of hours spent on navigation.

  1. Pay attention to traffic reports.

Part-time or occasional delivery drivers, in particular, should keep up with the news to make the most of their working hours. Drivers frequently encounter traffic jams during rush hours or when accidents occur. Listen to the news on the radio every hour to avoid them. Check your city’s website and/or social media sites on a daily or hourly basis to learn about road closures due to construction or filming.

  1. Utilize multiple apps

Keep in mind that many popular on-demand delivery service platforms do not require exclusivity. It’s also worth noting that some of them pay on the spot or within a few business days. Feel free to try out different apps to see which ones work best for you. As a new delivery driver, you may want to concentrate on one app at a time.

  1. Use a dependable vehicle.

Delivery apps typically do not have as stringent vehicle requirements as ride-sharing or ride-hailing apps. Furthermore, they frequently allow drivers to select their mode of transportation. However, this is not always the case. (Always check the vehicle requirements.)

Whether or not you have a choice, you must keep one thing in mind: your vehicle must be in good working order. A flat tyre or a dead battery can cause not only delays or cancellations of deliveries, but also injuries. Your safety should always come first.

  1. Look presentable

You don’t have to give up your personal style to appear professional, even if you have to wear a hideous uniform. It should go without saying, but always dress for the weather. Delivery drivers who live in California, Arizona, Florida, or other hot climates should keep an extra T-shirt on hand. Especially if they perspire a lot. Wear a hat or cap, as well as sunglasses, to protect yourself from sunburn. In the northern states, winters can be bone-chilling. Riders must prepare for this!

Wash your clothes every two days, take a shower or bath, and brush your teeth before your shift, according to experienced drivers. Male delivery drivers should also shave before going to work.

  1. Make a playlist but avoid listening to loud music.

Listen to your favorite music or podcasts while you wait for the news. This will keep your spirits high, motivate you, and help you get through your shift. Make some playlists on Spotify, YouTube, or another video streaming service. Never, however, increase the volume. You might come across as uncaring. 

  1. Bring a clipboard/binder, paper, and plenty of pens.

Why do you need these antiquated items when your cell phone will suffice? It’s unlikely that you’ll need to organize a large number of (signed) receipts, but it could happen. That’s when a clipboard or a binder comes in handy. When should you use paper and a pen? In some cases, a personal note left for the customer works better.

Even people with the best memories have difficulty remembering everything. Write down your deliveries on a sheet of paper and cross them off as you complete them if it helps you be more efficient and motivated.

  1. Carry a fanny pack to store money.

Cash may be handled on a regular basis by delivery drivers working for a traditional company. Not all restaurants or stores accept credit cards. Money can be easily stored in a fanny pack, a larger wallet, or something similar.

Do you take deliveries through an app?

In addition to your personal wallet, you’ll need something to collect money. When it comes to tipping, many customers prefer cash. Of course, pockets are wonderful inventions, but what if the pockets rip and you lose all of your hard-earned money?

  1. Check the orders twice.

Grocery shoppers and delivery drivers are given a shopping list. Shipt Shoppers and Instacart Shoppers perform more complex tasks due to the nature of their jobs. They go to supermarkets and search various aisles and shelves for all of the listed items before paying for the fresh produce and everything else.

Go through the list at least twice while you’re still in the store or restaurant. Always check what’s in the bag when picking up a meal or other products. You don’t want to leave with a hamburger when the customer requested a veggie option. Arriving with the incorrect meal/item will not entice them to leave you a tip.

  1. Be courteous and professional.

Regardless of how your customers perceive you, make an effort to be friendly and cheerful when dropping off your deliveries. Engage in small talk (of approximately 30-40 seconds) about the weather, the store or restaurant from which they’ve ordered, or the traffic. You can also compliment their front yard or pets. Some delivery drivers say they also prepare some treats for the pets.

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